New Orleans, Jan. 31st – 1920. As there’s no stopping by The Sazerac this evening, what’s on at the movies?

Playing at The Strand  is D. W. Griffith’s The Greatest Question. Also showing is Stronger Than Death starring Nazimova.

The Neil O’Brien Minstrels are at the Tulane. Maybe we can stop by and see what’s playing at The Crescent.

Foto’s Folly Theatre’s got the Ben Wilson serial The Trail of the Octopus and The Black Secret with Pearl White. The ferry’s a pain but I’ve got a real thing for Pearl.

Gee I wish The Three Brothers was still open on Exchange, I’ve got a thirst I’d quench with Fusel oil.

I put away a nickel today as a souvenir. Time was it’d buy 5 cents of worth of things.